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We're all open for praise....... and criticism too !!

We would love to hear how we are doing, good or bad. We are open for suggestions too. Below are the email addresses to be used for specific issues:

  • Website related issues:
  • Sales related issues (from buyers as well as sellers who want to collaborate with us) :
  • Content related issues:
  • Legal Issues:
  • For urgent matters please raise the issue on the facebook wall of Nawa Ipil or twitter.
  • Hard copies/ letters may be dropped at this address:
    Nawa Ipil
    Qtr. No. A/7, Bodyguard Lines 7, Diamond Harbour Road
    Kolkata, West Bengal

Please feel free to raise the issue in the forums in case of minor issues. We also have a forum for suggestions/ complaints under the “Speak Up” tab.