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Same legacy..... in a new package....

Dear Subscribers and Readers,
First of all, I would like to thank every subscriber and supporter who stood beside us since the beginning of this magazine in 2006. The magazine had a humble beginning back then.
Meanwhile with time, Nawa Ipil and team went through a lot of changes and a lot of turmoil. We faced some hard times when we were not able to stand up to your expectations by publishing the issues on time. There were challenges both financial and logistics which we gradually learned from and ultimately won over.
Now I am happy to announce the re-launch of Nawa Ipil in a digital avatar, with improved distribution system, better online presence and better print version. We are too excited to see what the response of our readers will be. I hope our efforts will be appreciated. As it is a community magazine we are dependent on you all to contribute and share your articles in order to make it a success. Please share your views, articles and suggestions, both on mail and through the discussion forums which will be activated soon on the website. We will also be launching a youtube video channel of Nawa Ipil where the users will be able to upload video reportings of various news from their areas.
Let’s make it a platform where our youth interacts , contributes as well as learns while contributing back to the society through this small endeavour of ours.
Cheers !!

-Prashant Kumar Hembrom

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