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Nawa Ipil is a community magazine run by the adivasis for the adivasis. Therefore your participation is crucial for sustainence for this community magazine. The contents need to be collated, edited for print and for web, uploaded on the net, the online orders needs to be handled and most importantly the contents need to be generated, which is done by our regular columnists as well as general audience. Therefore we continually need to educate and train our audiences about how to write articles or how to shoot video reports so that the flow of contents is continuous. We obviously plan to make this magazine from quarterly to a monthly issue, depending upon the response we receive from our audiences.

In light of the above we need volunteers at the following posts:

  1. Online editor: (to ensure the proper presentation of all the data on the web)- web enthusiast with good knowledge of wordpress preferred.
  2. Offline editor: (to ensure the proper presentation of all the data in the print version of the magazine)- good knowledge of written and spoken santhali required. Preference to those skilled in Photoshop and Publisher.
  3. Campaign Manager: (to handle social media campaigns online and other marketing campaigns offline): Someone who loves to be active on social media 24X7 to post about latest happenings within Nawa Ipil.
  4. Marketing manager: (to manage the distribution channels and online orders): Good people skills required to handle various distributors.

All the above posts are on pro-bono basis and will not be including salary/compensations as of now. These jobs can be performed online also and do not need candidate’s presence in Kolkata. Since we have just started and have not even struck the break-even point we are looking for highly motivated people who want to contribute to their society. We can certainly promise salaries to our employees later on depending on how we do with time and whether we are able to generate enough revenues or not.

If you think you fit in anywhere in the above 4 roles and have the ability as well as willingness to perform the above tasks, please send in your resumes to . You shall be contacted by our team in due course of time if we finalize your joining the team.

Fret not if working pro-bono is not your cup of tea. You can still contribute to your community by spreading word of mouth about the website, about the print issues, by writing articles for us or shooting some great images for us for the magazine. It is after all dependent on the community members like you for providing the contents.

Preference shall be given to highly motivated tribal youths currently studying at graduation/post graduation level.

-Team Nawa Ipil

Johar !
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