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We are a group of tribals who take pride in serving our people through whatever means possible. We are a group of professionals, government job holders, job seekers, social workers, doctors, engineers, writers, lawyers, artists and every other member of the tribal community of India. We aim for the well being of each and every member of the community and to attain this we provide a platform in the form of this website and our print publication ‘Nawa Ipil’ , for every community member to express himself/herself.  These provide a space for the youth and the elders of our community to showcase their talents, their art be it in the form of short stories, poetry or photography. It provides the tribals a platform where they case showcase to the world the culture and traditions of tribals, the fashion amongst the tribals, their sports and the travelogues. It also includes tribal cuisine, career guidance and other informative articles related to tribals.

Tribals have long been ignored by the mainstream media, labelled as savages by the film industry, exploited by the politicians, displaced by the capitalists and discriminated by the casteists. We, the team of Nawa Ipil, are determined to fight against all these and every other atrocities bestowed on tribals by exposing the culprits through this platform. This platform shall be a place where every tribal can report about the goods and the bads happening around him/her.

This Nawa Ipil platform is a community … a platform to speak, run by the adivasis, for the adivasis and we are one amongst you, who care for our community.


Team Nawa Ipil

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